About Me

I’ve always found myself as quite the average young American adult, when I first graduated high school in 2010 I never gave much thought for the upcoming five years. Of course I had goals in mind, but I kept my focus on education and finding a job. I was one of the unlucky folk who fell into that jobless people pit and spent most of my summer out of high school looking for work to pay for college and other expenses. Toward the end of the summer I was fortunate enough to get a single callback out of all the hundreds of applications I had submitted. Shortly after that I had an interview for a position as a Courtesy Clerk (Fancy word for bagger) and got the job. The summer ended and school started for me at Chattahoochee Technical College like it did for so many other freshly graduated adults.

This is the interesting part, I promise; just hang in there.

From July 2010 to around May 2011 I fell into a nice routine of work, school, work, school, etc… I was finally living that young college student dream; I had my own car, a decent enough job that I enjoyed in both the work aspect and the social; so once I did get settled into my little routine I didn’t expect any major change to be heading my way. Boy was I surprised when May came around and my dad called my mum from work to tell us that he had been offered a job as a Federal Firefighter here at the Naval station in Crete, Greece. We all knew how happy he was, it’s something he has always wanted to do; the trouble was uprooting the family. See, we’ve experienced quite a few big moves around the continental US over the past 19 years of my life; so when we finally settled outside of Atlanta, Georgia we all got pretty comfortable–as you could tell in my above writing.

After much deliberation everyone kind of agreed that it’s an experience no one should pass up; the move entirely was going to be paid for, and the benefits were even better. By July we had our things packed and on the 16th we would begin our adventure. So this brings me to the present; I’m so lucky to be able to have an experience this young in life. I have seen a lot so far, and I’m going to see a lot here in the next two years; not only that but I’ll develop and open up as a person whilst exploring thousands of photography opportunities. This journey is exciting, and for those close to me back home and of course for those interested readers from all over, I get to in a way, bring you along for the ride. So keep reading! I’ve got a lot to tell, and many photos to share with you!


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